The Secret To Having Healthy Looking Nails

Isn’t it just the ultimate goals to have a perfect manicure? Those perfect, healthy looking nails on Instagram that look amazing seem so far away from your reach but they’re really not! Nails can be kept looking strong and healthy with some secrets. It might seem like the impossible but sometimes the smallest things are what make you and nails even better. There are also many myths about how to treat your nails which really don’t help matters, you can attempt all of these ‘beauty myths’ but ultimately they won’t work because a lot of them simply aren’t true.

Keep your cuticles clean and prepped

We’re always told to push back our cuticles and cut them off as much as possible. However, dermatologists have advised to not push your cuticles back and allow it to protect the nail using the skin around it. In addition to this, you should avoid painting your nails all the time, even if this means you’ve got to have gel nail varnish on. It’s a lot healthier for your nails to grow naturally without the barrier of polish.

Avoid using nail polish all the time

Having pretty pink nails might seem like a good idea at the time but certain polishes contain really harsh chemicals that can do more damage than good to your nails. If you want to grow them out and look healthy – a bit of advice would be to avoid wearing varnish for a while. As well as polish, nail varnish remover (acetone) can be extremely harmful to your nails meaning excessive use of it can be damaging to your nails. A secret hack would be to use your own DIY nail polish remover – just 10 parts acetone (150ml), 1 part glycerine (15ml) and 1.2 parts water (18ml). This is not only more affordable but also healthier for your nails in the long run. [2]

Regularly apply olive or coconut oil

Nails can take so long to grow but there are obviously beauty secrets to make this go faster if you need it, these include applying warm olive oil to your nails and cuticles and wearing cotton gloves overnight (whilst the oil is on), doing this every night can really help your nails to grow a little faster than normal. If you have extra brittle nails applying coconut oil (2 to 3 times a day) can be a lifesaver in helping to grow your nails longer. Equally, soaking your brittle nails in cider vinegar and water a few times a day can make them a lot stronger and more durable.

Wash your hands!

There is also the importance of washing your hands frequently, but with this being said if you overdo it and wash them too much you will damage your nails. If you are a regular hand-washer it is advised to use moisturiser as often as you can.

Also, it is also advised to keep your contact with harsh chemicals (such as bleach and dishwashing liquid) to a minimum as this is often a factor when looking at unhealthy and brittle nails. In cases like these, it is also important to watch out for signs of health problems in terms of your nails. Recently, the American Academy of Dermatology has said that the condition of a person’s nails reflects their overall health including health problems such as; lung disease, anaemia and diabetes.

Look after your nails

Finally, despite these secrets and hacks, you should just look after your nails to the best of your ability because they are so important. Educating yourself on looking after your nails is essential. Nails don’t just look nice when they’re painted, they protect our skin and if they get damaged or broken it won’t end well. So, have a play around with different nail colours and designs. Paint your nails blue with brown and yellow dots on as long as you look after them in between – that’s all that matters.