How to Run Social Media Brand Accounts

How your brand is perceived on social media can either make followers, and customers love you or hate you. It’s more than just about providing your fans and customers with information about your company or brand, it’s about standing out from the rest and knowing how to do it. As soon as you’ve made a name for yourself, you can then build up a relationship and create a sense of trust with your online audience.

You can use your social media platforms to see what people really think about your products and services, and you can do something to make their experience better. There are specific steps you can follow to establish and maintain your brand when you’re on social media. By doing this, you’re more likely to create a brand people will recognize and like, even if they’ve never bought anything from you. It’s all about knowing what’s trendy and fashionable, if you know how to be witty, have fun, and be honest on social media – people will respect you even more.

Get Inspired by Other Brands

Perhaps take inspiration from other competitor brands and have your platforms better than theirs. Analyse what is doing well and what doesn’t, then take their good stuff. It’s all about seeing what works and what doesn’t because sometimes marketing teams are wrong about how to approach the audience. If you’re struggling to find your lane on different platforms, then you don’t want to copy other brands but give yourself some ideas.

Choose a Professional Brand Handle (On Twitter and Instagram)

Both platforms have a maximum number of characters you can use, and if your brand has a famous name, the handle might already be taken. Make sure whatever handle you choose, it’s professional and short. You don’t want to be adding ‘123’ at the end of your brand name just because everything else is taken. You can add ‘official’ at the beginning or end of the handle to make it more professional and to show everyone that if they need to contact your company or brand, that is the way to do it and not through other accounts.

Keep All of the Accounts Consistent

Being sure that all of the accounts are consistent shows you care about social media and that you know what you’re doing. We would suggest having your profile picture the same on every platform and then also your cover or header photo the same too. Brands will strive on their social media accounts if they’re consistent since they will build up a sense of trust with their customers and followers.

Find Your Purpose and Voice

Before you know it, you’ll have some sort of voice on social media, and you’ll be able to use it wisely. If you have any witty marketing team member, allowing them to run the social media is always a good idea as people love humour. If your brand is passionate about charities or raising awareness for diseases, then make sure you’re outspoken about this on your social media accounts. The more purpose you have on there, the more relatable your brand is going to be. Additionally, if people can relate to the brand through shared interests or passions, then they’re more likely to support what you do.