Top 6 Simple Yet Chic Baby Shower Gifts

When shopping for a mum-to-be, you want to ensure you purchase gifts they’re sure to love and their baby will use often. It can be difficult to choose the perfect gift when you’re not familiar with the personal taste of the mother, or perhaps you tend to lean towards presents that are your preference instead. Think practical yet chic, but also try to keep it as simple as possible. Remember, mothers are sure to already have a range of gifts from other people and they would have bought a lot of the basics ready for the birth. It’s essential you do some research and find out the ideal baby shower gifts that will be appreciated and used by the parents when their little one arrives.

Are you interested in finding out our top picks for simple yet chic baby shower gifts that will blow away the mother-to-be? Keep reading to find out all the secrets! While these ideas are placed in an order, they’re not listed as best to worst, we think all of these ideas would be great to purchase for the baby or their mother.

Baby teething necklace

Nothing beats thinking ahead when you’ve got a little one on the way, or even just growing. New parents will often forget the simpler things they’re going to need when the baby starts to grow a little – this includes teething. On average, a baby starts teething around 6 months and believe us when we say, this will come around quicker than any parent realises. Some babies start even earlier than this so a teething necklace can be a great baby shower gift.

Pushchair or pram

Many parents will have already bought their pram before the baby shower, but it may be that you want to all club together as a party to purchase a really nice, expensive one for the mother and her new little baby. Good quality prams can make all the difference to a baby’s life and having one available as a parent is a lifesaver. Brands such as Snuzkot and others have good quality yet affordable prams that would work as a collaborative gift from a number of people. Learn more about Snuzkot and the designs they do from their website.

Funny parenting book

Everyone has had a parenting book, the ‘new mum’ book that we all dread when we announce our pregnancy to our family and friends. However, think outside the box and opt for a funny version to give the new mother a laugh when she’s feeling low. There are countless funny parenting books out there that are sure to become a staple in the new life of the mother-to-be when she realises, she needs a laugh every now and again. Failing this, you could always look at new mum notebooks on Amazon as these are always a practical yet unique gift.

Changing bag

Nothing quite says parenthood like a nappy changing bag on your back. For many parents, this is the first thing on their ‘to get’ list so this isn’t going to be the best gift for all parents. Perhaps it’s ideal for a mother who you know is a little forgetful and won’t think of all the basics. The likes of Amazon and eBay have some cute changing bags that actually look great to take out with you. There is a common misconception that changing bags aren’t trendy or fashionable but that is so not true these days with the number of beautiful designs around.


Rather than purchasing something for the little one when they arrive, buy a candle for the mother. Choose a scent they love and will appreciate such as fresh cotton or floral rose, whatever they like! This is a great gift as many people forget about the mothers when attending a baby shower so it’s sure to make her feel good knowing people are looking after her too. If you do this, it doesn’t mean you can’t always buy a little gift for the baby too, but this is totally at your own discretion.

Super soft comforter

Treat the new little baby to a gorgeously soft comforter in a colour you love. These comforters are made from baby safe materials and are simply the softest things you will ever feel. Typically, these comforters will have an animal teddy on top such as a bunny with long floppy ears. However, you can even purchase personalised ones. This is a great idea if you know what the baby is going to be called as you can have their name stitched onto the comforter!