How to Make Someone Fall in Love with You Using Psychology Techniques

Love is a uncontrollable and unpredictable.

Love is fate.

It’s impossible to make someone love you.

These are regular statements we hear every day by various people, but how true are they? It’s more than likely that during your life you have been led to believe that falling in love is all down to fate and it can’t be controlled. Perhaps your family and parents believe that falling in love is all a mystery and you have never questioned it. You could even be wondering when you’ll fall in love yourself, or when your love fate time will come. Yet, there are ways love can be manipulated which aren’t often talked about.

What is Love?

Psychological research that has been carried out over the past century has proved that love can be controlled and changed according to the way we think, the power of our minds. It’s truly amazing what the mind can do, it can not only feel emotions, but it can change them too.

We should see love more subjectively and as an emotion rather than a state of mind. It’s more than likely that today you have felt a variety of emotions; stress, fear, happiness, and maybe anxiety. All of these emotions can be controlled by your situation and how you choose to deal with it, and love should be viewed in the same way.

 While some people do believe in fate and falling in love is just as easy and smooth for some people. For others, it’s a journey and should be seen as one. Despite this advice and research being true and tested, it won’t work for everyone. However, why wouldn’t you want to potentially increase your likelihood of someone falling in love with you?

The Psychology of Love

Psychologists have been analyzing love and why we fall in love for centuries, in fact, it dates back to Sigmund Freud who was one of the most influential psychologists of all time. Before we delve deeper into how to make someone fall in love with you, we must learn a little more about the psychology of love.

Everyone has a checklist that is stored in their unconscious mind, this checklist is the criteria that a person must meet before you can fall in love with them and vice versa. This criterion is also known as a ‘Love Map’. Our ‘love map’ is important but very hard to understand as we can go most of our lives never truly knowing what the criteria for our potential love should be.

Your ‘love map’ helps to store the blueprint of your potential partner’s information, from their hopes and dreams to their favorite things. Love maps are hard and complex to understand. Generally, when you meet the different points on someone else’s ‘love map’ they’re much more likely to fall in love with you rather than just think of you as a friend. If you don’t meet any of the points on their list, then you two may never get along as a couple and the love may not blossom.

A ‘love map’ is basically a person’s type, but they don’t exclusively talk about it as it is in their mind. It can be related to their previous experiences or relationships with others and even your own ‘love map’ can be influenced in different ways by things that happen in your life.

By learning the ways of your own and your potential loves ‘love map’ you will, therefore, learn how to manipulate falling in love and before you know it, you’ll be in a happy relationship filled with love.

Ways to Make Him Fall for You

There are several ways you can ensure he falls for you and by using psychology you can be more or less guaranteed it will work.

•    See Each Other Often

When you frequently see someone you naturally become more comfortable around them and this can mean you end up falling in love. Psychologists call this the familiarity principle of attraction which states that the more we see someone, the more likely they are to like us and eventually fall in love with us. If you’re admiring someone from afar then perhaps bump into him whenever you can or make sure you’re always at the right place at the right time.

•    Show Them You’re Nice

The best way to do this is to use mutual friends if you have any, we naturally trust people we know more than strangers so ensuring all of his friends (and perhaps family) have a positive feeling about you will allow them to see how nice you are too. This is also true for negative elements, if his friend thinks you’re stupid then this will potentially rub off on him too.

•    Meet His ‘Love Map’

As we stated earlier, it’s possible that both you and he don’t know his ‘love map’ specifically but it can be easy to understand it when you know what you’re looking for. If you two talk often then try to see what he likes and dislikes then change the way you behave according to this.

This also goes for his past relationships, his ‘love map’ may want someone blonde as a previous girlfriend has been blonde which means you’re likely to be in with a chance if you’re blonde too. Finding out basic information about him will allow you to understand more of what he wants in a partner and how you can get him to fall in love with you.

Using Love Control

Falling in love is a beautiful thing and should be treated as one, we may be able to manipulate and control our love emotions but that doesn’t mean to say we can control who we end up with. Just because we think that love can be controlled it doesn’t mean to say that fate doesn’t exist, they simply go hand in hand on the journey of love.

Fate does exist but so does love control and that is a wonderful thing we should take advantage of.