Quick Tips for Planning a Budget Wedding

Planning a fun-filled wedding on a small budget can be stressful. Especially when you want everyone to have a good time and the whole ceremony and after-party to flow too. Saving money on your wedding is actually a lot easier than you think, with slight small changes you can have a ton of savings. Your wedding day doesn’t have to use all your life-savings, there are plenty of ways to plan a budget-friendly wedding.

We’ve put together some tips to help you out when you’re planning your big day. They’re not anything too big, but they’re sure to keep your total cost down without even realising. It’s a great way to have the best day possible, you’re marrying your life-partner and also saving money – what more could you want?

Avoid Huge Guestlists

Having more guests means you have to cater for that many people, including food and venue. The smaller your guest list is, the better. It not only means you don’t have to hire an expensive caterer for those attending. Plus, you don’t have to invite everyone you know to your wedding. Smaller ceremonies are great for those who want the ones who love them around rather than strangers. Before going any further with your budget wedding plan, cut down your guest list, so it’s under 100!

Buy Affordable Dresses

It doesn’t matter whether it’s bridesmaid dresses, or mother of the bride dresses you’re looking for. When you buy affordable outfits for those attending your wedding, you will cut your budget down a lot! This means you’ve got more money for everything else (maybe a chocolate fountain? It’s your choice!). You should even consider cutting the budget for your bride’s dress. There are hundreds of brides out there who spend thousands on their wedding dress just to wear it for a few hours. Luckily with the internet being accessible, there are so many styles and designs available at your fingertips perfect for those on a budget.

Plan a Simple Honeymoon

You don’t need to go to Europe on a one-month trip exploring the deep depths of every city, nor do you have to visit India for the first time in your life. Budget wedding planning means you’ve got to make sacrifices including where you’re going on your honeymoon. By choosing one destination (that isn’t too far from home) is sure to reduce your costs and save money. If you’re from the states, you could visit New York, California or maybe Texas on your honeymoon! Everywhere has a unique element you can uncover with your love.

Hire a Small Family-Owned Restaurant for Catering

Catering during the day and night of your wedding day is one of the biggest costs you’ll come across when planning your budget wedding. You may even stand in front of head chefs as they explain it’s going to be £3,000 just for 50 people to attend a sit-down meal. This is when you’ll be grateful you chose those cheap flower girl dresses! Larger chains in the catering business are sure to charge a lot more than smaller owned companies, so by contacting local restaurants – you will be saving yourself money and also supporting their business. It’s a great way to promote and uphold your local community and save yourself possibly thousands of dollars.